Weekly Chapel Vlog 3/30

Weekly Chapel Vlog 3/30


This week’s Bible lesson for Open Arms was about *PEACE* and how we can have peace.  In Chapel, Pastor Justin talked to the kids about how peace comes from Jesus Christ, and how we can trust Jesus with our worries and our problems.


In this week’s Vlog, Pastor Justin tells the story of a king who was asked to judge which of two paintings best represented “peace”…either a painting of a quiet mountain range with blue skies, or a painting of a stormy, jagged mountain range with a bird’s nest in the midst of a waterfall.  The king chose the painting with the bird’s nest in the midst of the chaos, because being at peace means that we can be calm of heart even if things around us are in turmoil.  We can ask Jesus to give us that peace and calmness even if the world around us is busy and troubled.


We wish you all have a peaceful and joyful week!


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