We joined the Open Arms family shortly (three weeks) after the death of one of our infant sons. To say we were greeted with “open arms” is an understatement. The staff at Open Arms immediately became a place of hope and joy for our family. Not only were they incredibly supportive as our son transitioning to preschool but they welcomed our entire family. Our lives have been enriched in so many ways we would have never anticipated when we enrolled the first of two sons to attend Open Arms. We have felt nothing but love and support from all those who have entered our lives through our affiliation with Open Arms. I believe you will find no finer place to care for the spiritual and educational enrichment of your preschooler in the area.
– Mom of C., 4 years old, and B., 6 years old

I wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience we have had with Open Arms. We have had nothing but positive feelings and our son is clearly happy and thriving. Before Open Arms, we were in two in-home daycares and I always had complaints or things I wasn’t comfortable about but I just shook off most of the time. I thought it was just me being a Type A new mom, but now that we’ve found Open Arms I realize that there is a place that provides more than I could ask for in a school. So, thank you for making my life easier and giving my son the love and discipline that he needs.
– Mom of L., 3 years old

Full-day kindergarten was very important to our family, and we couldn’t have been happier with the program offered at Open Arms. Our daughter is more than prepared for 1st grade and we attribute that to the hard work and dedication of her teachers. We also feel she benefited greatly from starting her schooling in a smaller class setting vs the much larger classes that are occurring in area public schools – transitioning into 1st grade won’t be as overwhelming, and again, she definitely has a head start. The teachers each brought their own style to subjects including but not limited to reading, writing, math, social studies and science and our daughter ended her year being very strong in each, and best of all, having a great time doing so! We also have an almost four year-old son at the Open Arms preschool and there’s no question in our minds that we will enroll him in the full-day program once it’s his turn – we really couldn’t have asked for a better environment for our children.
– Mom of G., 4 years old, and E., 6 years old

I was fortunate enough to see the kindergarten teachers and students “in action” many times last year, including the fall field trip, events during Lutheran Schools Week, the Christmas program, and weekly worship. The teachers continuously showed outstanding leadership and compassion for their students. Their learning activities were fun and challenging, and they gave the children the support they needed when something didn’t go quite right. Whenever there was an issue with my son, whether it was related to health or emotions, the teachers were always compassionate and understanding, and they did what was necessary to make his day go as well as possible.
– Dad of T., 6 years old


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